Sewage Treatment Plant

Approx Price: Rs 5 Lakh / Piece 
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece
Product Details:
  • Air Blower Power (kW): 1 kW
  • Approximate Power Consumption (in kW): 20
  • Automation Grade: Automatic, Semi-Automatic
  • Control Module: Control Module Available
  • Feed Flow Rate (cubic-meter/day): 50 m3/day, 100 m3/day, 500 m3/day, 1000 m3/day, 2000 m3/day
  • Impurities to be removed: Oil and Grease, Dissolved Minerals, TDS, Turbidity, Color, pH
  • Industry: Sugar Industry, Dairy Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Distillery, Paper Mills, Leather Industry, Chemical/Petroleum Industry, Automobile, Slaughter House
  • Installation Type: Completes Civil work with Installation, Containerized Plug & Play
  • Installation/Civil Work: Installation Available
  • Manufacturing Lead Time: 30
  • Power Source: Electronic
  • Secondary Treatment Type: Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR), Fluidized Aerated Reactor, Activated Sludge, Dissolved Air Floatation, Reverse Osmosis, Sequential Batch reactor
  • Treatment Stages: Preliminary Treatment, Primary Treatment, Secondary Treatment, Tertiary Treatment, Disinfection

SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANTS We are one of the leading organisations of this market, engaged in manufacturing, exporting, a complete range of Sewage Treatment Plants. Our plants are precisely designed by following the clients needs and preferences to achieve the maximum output from a minimum foot print area. For the same, a team of skilled mates is recruited for setup of this plant to attain maximum level of patron satisfaction.


We offer our Clients Sewage Treatment Plants ( STP ) / Domestic water and Waste Water Treatment Plant that meet their issues regarding wastewater generations in Industrial , Institutional and Commercial Sectors. Our solutions include independent review of alternative technologies , troubleshooting , investigations, , consultant support and Cost effective and efficient STP in Low cost we provide the best Sewage Treatment Plant. Our Company Biotic Water Solutions Private Limited provides the most recent and advanced technologies to our clients using chemical and biological process. Sewage Treatment Plant ( STP ) Technologies such as / Types of sewage treatment plant

  • Submerged Aerated / Aerobic Fixed Film (SAFF) Reactor for lower operation and maintenance costs
  • Fluidized Aerated Bio (FAB) Reactor Easy installation
  • Bio-Towers
  • MBBR Moving Bed Bioreactor
  • Membrane Bioreactor MBR
  • SBR
  • Bio-Reactors (Aerobic & Anaerobic) and many more

Additional Information:
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Port of Dispatch: NEW DELHI
  • Production Capacity: 5
  • Delivery Time: 30
  • Packaging Details: EXPORT QUALITY

Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant

Approx Price: Rs 9.8 Lakh / Unit 

We are instrumental in offering a compact range of Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant to the valued patrons. These plants are fabricated at the locations finalized by the clients by following industry laid parameters. In addition to this, our team of assiduous workforce makes use of qualitative raw material that is obtained from the most valued vendors.


Other details:

  • No back washing

  • Has low head loss

  • High specific bio film surface area for new construction site or for the labour camp

  • Achieved by having the biomass to grow on small carrier elements

  • The movement within the reactor is generated by aeration in the aerobic reactor

  • These bio-film carriers are made of special grade plastic with density close to that of water

  • Respect BOD and TSS removal are 85 to 90% efficient

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor

Approx Price: Rs 2.25 Lakh / Unit(s) 
Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) technology


Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) processes improve reliability, simplify operation, and require less space than traditional wastewater treatment systems.

MBBR technology employs thousands of polyethylene biofilm carriers operating in mixed motion within an aerated wastewater treatment basin. Each individual biocarrier increases productivity through providing protected surface area to support the growth of heterotrophic and autotrophic bacteria within its cells. It is this high-density population of bacteria that achieves high-rate biodegradation within the system, while also offering process reliability and ease of operation.

This technology provides cost-effective treatment with minimal maintenance since MBBR processes self-maintain an optimum level of productive biofilm. Additionally, the biofilm attached to the mobile biocarriers within the system automatically responds to load fluctuations.

  Process Benefits   Compact Design

A fraction of the size of conventional systems


Capacity can be easily upgraded by simply increasing the fill fraction of biofilm carriers

  Single Pass Process

No return activated sludge stream required

  Load Responsive

Actively sloughed biofilm automatically responds to load fluctuations

  Minimal Maintenance

No F/M ratios or MLSS levels to maintain

  MBBR processes are an excellent solution for common wastewater applications including:
  • BOD Reduction
  • Nitrification
  • Total Nitrogen Removal


Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor systems deliver a flexible, cost-effective, and easy-to-operate means to address current wastewater requirements and the expandability to meet future loads or more stringent discharge requirements within a compact design.

Extended Aeration Ea Technology

Approx Price: Rs 8.75 Lakh / Unit(s) 

Extended Aeration process is an improvement over the conventional activated sludge process. It is a time proven, mature, conservative process of waste water treatment. Extended aeration plants are one the most basic sewage treatment technolies and probably one of  the most versatile methods available. EA plants are suitable gor most waste water and economical to install and operate.

Advantages and Key Features

-                            Simple & Low cost deisgn.

-                            Flexible process that treat a wide range of waste water.

-                            Good reponse to variable flow and speed.

-                            Able to handle high SS load.

-                            Ease of installation, operation and maintenance.


In aeration tank (Extended Aeration) suspended microbial growth is maintained for the biological oxidation of organics. Diffused aeration is provided to meet the oxygen requirement of microorganisms and to keep the in a completely mixed regime.


The process units in an extended variation plant include:


-                            Collection & Transfer of the raw wastewater viz. effluent into Aeration Tank (after Equalization).

-                      Aerobic Treatment of mixed in Aeration Tank.

-                      Clarification of aerated mixed in Secondary Clarifier.

-                      Chlorination for disinfection in CCT.

-                      Disposal of treated water for end use.

-                      Sludge recycling, digestion & disposal by using Filter Press or Sludge Drying Beds.


The process usually does not require any primary settling and sewage after equalization directly goes to the aeration tank. However, in case of higher loadings, primary settling or grit chamber may be required. Elimination of primary settling reduces the initial cost, and also the sludge after extended aeration and secondary settling, is relatively more stabilized.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: ATP

Sbr - Sequential Batch Reactor

Approx Price: Rs 12.5 Lakh / Unit(s) 
Sequential Batch Reactor
The sequencing batch reactor (SBR) process is a sequential suspended growth (activated sludge) process in which all major steps occur in the same tank in sequential order. The complete five phases take place in single reactor thus reduces the footprint. SBRs can be designed and operated to enhance removal of nitrogen, phosphorus, and ammonia, in addition to removing TSS and BOD. The five stages of SBR are:
  • FILL: Wastewater fills the tank, mixing with biomass that settles during the previous cycle.
  • REACT: Air is added to the tank to aid biological growth and felicitate waste reduction.
  • SETTLE: Mixing and Aeration stop during this stage to allow solids to settle.
  • DRAW: Clarified effluent is discharged.
  • IDLE: Sludge can be removed during this stage.
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